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Sporting Chance Project provides a range of alternative education services to meet the needs of young people, including those with Special Educational Needs.

Mentoring & Life Skills

Designed to help children and young people manage all aspects of their life, we offer one-to-one mentoring and life skills coaching around society, community and social acceptance, as well as health, fitness and well-being.

Alternative Learning Provision

We offer learners of all ages bespoke learning to meet individual needs. Primarily through one-to-one tuition, we offer functional skills in Maths, English & ICT, personal social development and life skills challenges.

Construction Workshops

Our construction workshops help students gain invaluable vocational hands-on experience in a supportive environment with directed learning or small groups. Trades include bricklaying, plastering, tiling, decorating, plumbing and more.

Mentoring & Life Skills

Our experienced mentors provide one-to-one mentoring and life skills coaching around society, community and social acceptance. We can help young people transition back into education or further education settings. We can also support young people with Special Educational Needs needing support with behaviour, social, emotional and mental health needs.

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Sporting Chance Project, in conjunction with my school, helped me to focus on my academic studies, which allowed me to participate in sport alongside my Maths and English qualifications. I am now travelling to New Zealand following a two-year spell in Australia. This wouldn't have been possible without all of the help I've received along the way.

Cory O

Now travelling Australia and New Zealand

Alternative Learning Provision

Our alternative learning provision caters for students that may not engage with traditional classroom learning. Our specialist education site in Bristol offers a supportive environment with directed learning provided one-to-one or in small groups. Young learners can use their skills and qualification to go on to an apprenticeship, further education or employment.

We can offer:

- Construction workshops
- Functional skills including Maths, English and ICT
- Personal social development
- Life skills challenges including living independently and managing money
- Health, fitness and well-being

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