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The Sporting Chance Project is an Alternative Learning Provider which aims to meet the educational, social and lifestyle needs of young people

About Us

Sporting Chance Project: Is an Alternative Learning Provider who work with young people to fulfill the potential they all possess. We engage with parents & fellow professionals to secure real outcomes to support the young persons life journey. We provide education with emphasis on Functional Mathematics, English & Sport are at the heart of the project but with many full time education & vocational packages available.


Tailored education is at the heart of our success. We work with individuals to create a learning plan that works for them, helping them to achieve on their own terms


We provide one to one coaching and mentoring, designed to help individuals manage all aspects of their life, from general life skills to career development and progression


We are commited to providing real outcomes for those we support, and have a proven record of creating opportunities that not only improve the chances of success in the short term, but also for the future

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Sporting Chance was a great way for me to get back into school while having fun playing my favourite sports. My teachers at Sporting Chance were very helpful with getting me to focus on my school work and eventually getting me to work independently.

Cory N

Now working as an apprentice at Mercedes

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